2024 Medicare Plan G Prices in Texas Compared to Other Places

Last Updated February 3, 2024

2024 Medicare Plan G Prices in Texas Compared to Other Places

As Americans age in Texas into Medicare eligibility, understanding the intricacies of Medicare supplement plans becomes crucial. Among these, Plan G stands out for its comprehensive coverage, second only to Plan F, which is no longer available to those newly eligible for Medicare. Plan G covers the Part A deductible and 20% coinsurance for Part B services, among other benefits, making it a sought-after option for seniors seeking peace of mind in their healthcare coverage. 

Even though it is the same coverage being offered - whether you are in Texas or any other state, the cost of Plan G varies significantly by location. The table below displays the lowest and highest monthly premiums for Plan G across ten major metropolitan areas as of February 1, 2024. It is always best to talk to a local Medicare licensed insurance agent near you when selecting your health insurance plan as a senior. This analysis reveals the stark differences in costs based on geography and gender at the age of 65 for non-tobacco users.

Geographic Variations in Plan G Prices

The following table provides a snapshot of the monthly premiums for Plan G, showcasing both the lowest and highest rates across various cities:

Lowest Monthly Premium
Highest Monthly Premium
New York (Zip 10012) Male $306.00 $526.85
New York (Zip 10012) Female $306.00 $526.85
Los Angeles (Zip 90001) Male $154.96 $258.48
Los Angeles (Zip 90001) Female $154.96 $258.48
Chicago (Zip 60601) Male $114.17 $270.76
Chicago (Zip 60601) Female $116.30 $235.04
Washington DC (Zip 20005) Male $128.35 $253.00
Washington DC (Zip 20005) Female $111.16 $220.00
Houston (Zip 77001) Male $131.81 $279.57
Houston (Zip 77001) Female $116.67 $254.11
Dallas (Zip 75001) Male $117.88 $256.66
Dallas (Zip 75001) Female $104.34 $223.18
San Francisco (Zip 94105) Male $133.00 $220.75
San Francisco (Zip 94105) Female $133.00 $220.75
Philadelphia (Zip 19050) Male $134.77 $270.82
Philadelphia (Zip 19050) Female $119.30 $245.04
Phoenix (Zip 85033) Male $110.14 $458.94
Phoenix (Zip 85033) Female $99.64 $406.51
Atlanta (Zip 30313) Male $134.30 $361.44
Atlanta (Zip 30313) Female $118.90 $320.73

Key Takeaways

  • Geographic Disparity: Prices for Plan G vary widely from city to city. For instance, New York City and Los Angeles show significant differences in both the lowest and highest premiums.
  • Gender Pricing: In some cities, premiums will differ between males and females, reflecting the insurance industry's risk assessment models.

Factors Influencing Medicare Supplement Plan G Pricing

Several factors contribute to these geographical differences in Plan G premiums, despite the fact that it is the same coverage being offered and that Medicare is a national program.

  • Cost of Living and Healthcare Expenses: Areas with higher living and healthcare costs generally see higher premiums.
  • State Regulations: State-specific insurance regulations can affect how premiums are set.
  • Competition among Providers: Markets with more competition might offer lower premiums due to the competitive pressure on insurance providers.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the pricing landscape for Medicare Plan G is crucial for seniors in Texas making an informed decision that aligns with their healthcare needs and financial situation. The table provided above reveals a complex picture, where location, gender, and other factors play significant roles in determining premiums.

As you consider your options for Medicare supplement insurance, keep these variations in mind. Consulting with a local Texas Medicare advisor can also help navigate these choices, ensuring you find a plan that offers both the coverage and value you seek.